Gavin Newsom for CA Govenor of CA 2010

Gavin Newsom

ABout him:

  • Currently is the mayor of SF, and states on his webpage that he is there for a “bold policy change” which could refer to the fact that he legalized gay marriage during his term as mayor.
  • Track record: Newsom served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for nearly seven years before becoming mayor and as a City Commissioner prior to his service on the Board. —coming from his webpage.
  • From his page: first – and still the only – city in America with a universal health care system. Working along with fellow elected officials, business leaders and health experts, Newsom forged a program called Healthy San Francisco that has already enrolled more than 38,000 previously uninsured San Franciscans. A recent study showed that this pioneering program delivers quality care for one-third the cost of traditional insurance. It has won praise all the way to the White House, where President Barack Obama told Newsom’s fellow mayors, “Instead of just talking about health care, mayors like Gavin Newsom in San Francisco have been ensuring that those in need receive it.”
  • The above bullet is a great experiment that hopeflly he’d impliment into the overall health care system of CA. trial and error is necessary to find the solution.
  • Educationally, Newsom has tried a different approach with success as well. The following in from his webpage, and is the example of so:
  • A model of how to work in partnership to improve our schools. Instead of trying to gain mayoral control of the school district or allow the state to take it over, like some mayors have done, Newsom has worked with the district to improve public schools. This collaboration has led to San Francisco schools being recognized as among the highest-achieving urban schools in the nation. While school districts throughout California are laying off teachers, San Francisco is giving teachers a raise and helping to fund important programs like school Wellness Centers and after-school study programs. Under Newsom, San Francisco has already implemented universal pre-school. And Newsom is now working in partnership with the California State University system to help lower drop-out rates and promote even greater student achievement by guaranteeing a place at San Francisco State University and initial tuition support for every public school student who works to meet the entrance requirements.
  • a advocate of stem cell research
  • overall reading his intro on his webpage makes him seem like a great contender and a leading man. SF has become a more efficient society with his pressence it appears.


  • Lars Ulrich contributed $15,000
  • Ryan Seacrest contributed $10,000
  • Rosie O’Donnell contributed $25,000
  • Ken Siebel contributed $5,000 (father in law by the way)
  • William Newsom contributed $15,000 (father)
  • Neal Baer contributed $5,000 (producer)
  • Chris Silbermann contributed $5,000 (a-list agent)
  • Michael Lynton contributed $5,000 (sony pictures chairman)
  • Jason Lewis contributed $5,000 (actor)
  • Heather Thoman contributed $10,000 (political contributer)
  • Walter Shorenstein contributed $5,000

The above contributions comes from the source : on their political blog.

Furthermore, raised 1.2 million in funding in 2008

Newsom spent 641,000 last year and has 719,000 in cash on hand, according to

The above link puts the top accomplisments that Newsom claims as SF Gov on blast to determine whether fact or fiction and how much fact is really there in his claims. His claims seem to fall short of the hyped up agenda the assume.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s article “S.F. Mayor May Run for Governor” by Cecilia Vega on March 9, 2008 Reports facts that have been mentioned as well as some scandles.
Those scandles begin when Newsom’s administration took office in 2004. For instance, his issuance of a proclamation honoring a gay porn studio, his admitted affair, and subsequent admission of having a drinking problem.


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