2010 CA Governor Candidate: Edmund Jerry Brown

Edmund “Jerry” Brown, Democrat, CA State Attorney General  http://www.jerrybrown.org/fightingforyou

 Was governor in 1975…how did he do when he was governor then? what was occuring economically at this time?

Q1) How does being the State Attorney General helpful/useful for becoming the Governor of CA?




1. Graduated Yale law.

2. Makes note on his facebook site that as attorney general he would strike down prop 8, calls unconstitutional.  Therefore, Brown is Pro-Choice. He notes this in 2009.

3. Taken from his website noted at the top of the page it states: He established the first agricultural labor relations law in the country, enacted collective bargaining for teachers and other public employees, started the California Conservation Corp (CCC), signed into permanent law the California Coastal Protection Act, earned federal protection of Northern California wild and scenic rivers, brought about the country’s first building and appliance energy efficiency standards and made California the leader in solar and alternative energy.

4. Taken from his wesite noted at the top of this page states: Brown enacted hundreds of tough anti-crime measures, including the “Use A Gun Go To Prison” Law and mandatory sentences for rape, sale of heroin, violent crimes against the elderly, child molestation and selling PCP.

5. According to CalBuzz Brown is leading Newsom in polls. 46 percent to 26 percent. This is only between two democratic nominees of Brown who is beign discussed in this particular blogg verse Newsom (San Fran’s mayor).

Continueing from CalBuzz’s article dicussed above mentiones that Brown has a lead due to the average age of voter turn out caculated from the President election is 50. The baby boomer generation, which I belong to, lacks the enthusiasm and interet in politcs.

Furthermore, when breaking down turfs in CA for both Newsom and Brown you will see a common trend, however turf size is favorable to Brown. Below is taken directly from the article:

Newsom also shows strength on his Bay Area home turf.  Democrats and independents hold a favorable view of him – 55-to-21 percent  – and he runs slightly ahead of Brown — 41-to-37 percent in the head-to-head match-up in the Bay Area.

However, Brown’s favorably in the Bay Area is even stronger – 54-to-13 (plus 41 percentage points) compared to Newsom’s plus 34 points). Brown also leads the one-on-one match-up in all other regions of the state: 46-to-24 percent in LA County; 52-to-16 percent in other Southern California, and 52-to-26 percent in other Northern California counties.

http://www.calbuzz.com/2009/06/brown-vs-newsom-the-tale-of-the-tape/ the link of this information being discussed.

This article does point out that Brown is old…therefore, keep that into consideration for a  highly stressful position of Governor.

6. http://blogs.laweekly.com/ladaily/politics/villaraigosa-abandoned-by-ace/ Coming from this site:

Is it Attorney General Brown, the not-so-successful governor of California back in the 1970’s, who has been using his lofty top cop office to produce flurries of JerryCentric press releases that seem designed to promote Jerry?

Is this substantial judgement? not so successful, what occured during the JerryCentric press, or was it wrong to create a jerrycentric press; is it wrong that a politician created favorful propeganda? or is that wrong?


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